Drawing With Patterns

Pixen allows you to draw with a pattern of bits instead of merely a square pixel. Patterns are supported for the Pencil, Eraser, and Line tools. To get started, click the Set Pattern button in tool properties and choose a pattern.

You can use the Manage button to bring up the Pattern Editor. You can also get to the editor via the top-level Window menu. In the editor, you can create, delete, and share patterns.

To create a new pattern, click the + button. Then enter a size in pixels. Use the canvas on the left to draw your 1-bit pattern. When you're done, the pattern will be available to the supported tools.

To remove a pattern, right-click on it in the patterns grid and select Delete. To duplicate a pattern, right-click on it and select Duplicate.

You can share patterns with the Share button via system sharing services such as Messages. You can also use the Upload to Pixen Gallery option to publish your pattern on the web and submit it for inclusion in the Pixen Gallery. It can then be made available to the greater Pixen community. Lastly, you can export a pattern to disk by right-clicking on it and selecting Export.

To learn more about Pixen or purchase the app, visit https://pixenapp.com.